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Transportation analyses

Design of fixed offshore platforms can be tricky and most of the time the consultant need to drive the design having considered many aspects such as cost, time, ease of fabrication, feasibility for transportation and installation etc. All aspects has to be looked into from the start of design and excellent overall understanding of the project and superior knowledge in design options are must when dealing with fixed offshore platforms.

Ark2Tech possess highly experienced resources who can perform these design activities in a short time complying to contractual terms and conditions from the oil field operator. We can carry out the following engineering activities for fixed offshore platforms.

  • Offshore Lift analyses
  • Launching analyses
  • Pipeline Instalation analyses
  • Cable Lay analyses
  • Sea keeping analyses
  • Motion Response Analyses
  • Mooring analyses
  • Riser analyses
  • Bollard Pull Calculations
  • Tie Down designs
  • Cargo Barge suitability checks.